Hi, my name is


Lifestyle photographer

I grew up in a small town up north in Wisconsin. I married the most amazing guy ever shortly after I turned 21. I am currently living in Maryland, and ironically enough, in the very same town as my dad grew up in. I am a very active person so there are many things I enjoy doing. Volleyball is like a HUGE thing of mine and I would play everyday if I could. I also really really enjoy playing hockey. Growing up my family had an outdoor ice rink that we built every winter. Most weekends you can find me at my in-laws house playing card games or crawling and playing with the children. I love to eat lemons with salt, cucumbers with vinegar, and popcorn with cheese. I first discovered my love for photography when I was pretty young and got a Barbie film camera for my birthday, I hauled that thing everywhere with me, haha. I strive to meet every clients dream session. I want to make you love the way the real you looks, let me help you.


Britney & Waylon

Although I may be biased, I think KJ Flash is the most amazing photographer. I have been in front of her camera and done some assisting on shoots with her and she's incredible at what she does! Being in front of her camera is so comfortable and easy, and she makes it fun! She is not afraid to make a fool of herself to loosen you up and make you have fun! And the pictures you get from a photo shoot with her? STUNNING. Seriously. I literally squeal about them when I get to look through them for the first time